STA Licensing Expert Panel

Meet Our Panelists

Stu Frith is the Business Development Manager for Vacasa Canada ULC at Blue Mountain. He was raised at the base of Blue Mountain and has experienced all that this incredible region has to offer. As a founding member and former president of the Blue Mountain STA Association (BMSTA), Stu has been directly engaged in the short-term vacation accommodation business for the past 17 years. Stu started in the industry operating a 20 room short-term stay motel at Blue Mountain. In 2005 when a market opportunity was identified in the region for an organized approach to the marketing and rental of Short Term Accommodations, Stu formed his own company by the name of VisitBlueMountain. This successful company grew, over time, to professionally manage just over 60 chalets and became the largest vacation chalet rental company here at Blue Mountain. In being immersed in all that is vacation rentals Stu simultaneously worked as an industry point person and become one of the region’s leading experts in navigating the way through the Municipal Short-Rental Licensing Bylaws and the legislation that governs the Short-Term vacation market at Blue Mountain.

Holly and Clay are entrepreneurs, investors and a Mother/Son realtor Team with business degrees who are passionate about real estate! They formed Etched Custom Real Estate Lifestyle Solutions to play a pivotal role in building their clients’ wealth through real estate investments leveraging the success of their family vacation rental business, which started with their first acquisition in Blue Mountain in 2002. They have been involved with Stu Frith since 2004 and with Short term licensing since discussions began in 2008.

They have aligned with eXp Realty – whom experts are calling “the Amazon of real estate” – which allows them to serve clients – in the heart of the City, on the beaches or the shores of their favourite lake or ocean, or wherever on the globe they want to be with presence in 20+ countries.

They have access to unique financing solutions, international properties, international property management expertise as a Vacasa preferred partner, investment eXpertise, and cross-border consultants to identify, find, fight for and win dream opportunities for their clients!

Holly is a 30+ year business executive, multiple-award-winning Marketer, and belongs to several renowned investor networks. She is an accredited innovator/creative problem solver, National Association of Realtors Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS) and certified property imager.

Clayton joined the family business, Southwestern Chalets, as a youth and now has over 20 years of experience in investment properties, property management, and all things real estate.  He is a Super Host/Premiere Partner and has 10+ years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service, experience with sophisticated wealth, investment and design training, trade shows and Summits. His business degree with a specialization in entrepreneurship and being certified in stock and option trading gives Clayton a unique advantage regarding all things real estate whether it be analyzing investment properties, marketing homes, or being involved in negotiations.

Join Holly and Clayton in their real estate wealth journey as a client or join their team of realtors.

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